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White Power - Join Now, Pay Later!

SPECIAL OFFER ON WHITE POWER GROUPS. JOIN NOW, PAY LATER!!!! Join FREE now and you will receive a ready-made group of friends who are able to say all the right things to make [...]

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Multiculturalism = white genocide. Or does it???

This Report Just In!!! , Over 21 million white Australians continue to survive the arrival of non-white immigrants, despite White Supremacist claims of ‘white genocide’.   [...]

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White Power Discussion - ask your questions

Have an opinion on white nationalism in Australia? Want to discuss what you've read on this site? Join us on our discussion about white power in Australia.

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What is white power?

White nationalists are proud of their white identity, believing that they are part of the “white race”. Read more...

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Do Jews control the Australian media?

There are many people from many different ethnic backgrounds who have influence over Australia’s media today. There’s no ‘Jewish conspiracy’, and we’ll explain why.

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What does it mean to be a white nationalist?

White nationalist groups make you feel special and privileged to be white – but don’t be fooled, they expect something in return. They have strict rules and you are expected to fol[...]