Are Australians being brainwashed into accepting Muslims?

Some white nationalists believe that Australians are being ‘brainwashed’ into accepting ‘illegal’ Muslim people. They say things like:

I really think Australia needs to do something about these Muslims … but is it too late? Are people brainwashed already??

This comment was triggered by a media report about an elderly couple who ‘took in’ seven Muslim boat people and cared for them. In other words, the couple chose to exercise the human qualities of care and compassion.

Rather than looking at the compassionate side of this media report, white nationalists (incorrectly) claim these Muslim men are ‘illegals’ and therefore not entitled to anyone’s compassion. They seem to ignore the fact that, by definition, refugees and immigrants are not in this country illegally. People arriving by boat have the right to claim asylum when they reach our shores. People with refugee status have been accepted by the Australian government, and therefore can’t be ‘illegals’ as the white nationalists claim.

Instead, white nationalists make dire and unsubstantiated predictions:

Know this and it’s a proven fact: Every nation that accepts muslims into their fold on a mass scale has their economy obliterated.

If we sit idly by and do nothing then all hope is lost. But this is why we must band together as we have to wake up the rest of the country and show that we AREN’T going to sit idly by and let this filth continue to corrupt and pollute our way of life.

White nationalists would also have us believe that only young men in their 20’s are arriving in Australia, and infer that it is a ‘conspiracy’ to eventually take over Australia:

They’re building up their people in Aussie so when the time comes we won’t know who is an enemy and who isn’t.

This sounds almost paranoid, as there are millions of people worldwide who become refugees, and they’re not all ‘young men’ ready to form an ‘army’ in the country that accepts them. Instead, they’re often men, women and children who have been forced to leave their homes by armed conflict and human rights abuses.

The elderly couple featured on the recent current affair programme were not ‘brainwashed’, nor were they hiding illegals planning to form an army. Instead, they were playing an important part in Australia’s humanitarian response to people in need.