Can humans be divided into ‘sub-species’?

White Nationalists try to simplify the concept of race by explaining that humans have sub-species, just like dogs and horses:

The different peoples are sub-species of the human race just like pugs or Irish wolfhounds are wonderful sub-species of the dog, and Shires and Arabian horses are sub-species of the horse.

That logic allows them to turn race into a natural division and a creation of time, nature and even God. According to them, Mother Nature used her various natural environments to create the races: the north and the mountains created one type of people, the tropical climes and jungles another.

White Nationalists believe those who headed north – the white Europeans – benefited from the northern rigours, resulting in a superior race in every way.

White people have the northern wind in their hair, the northern skies in their faces. Hands trained to speed and skill by northern challenges and the lessons of nature’s north, in their very bones, minds, temperaments and spirit.

That’s why they perceive any race mixing as an affront to Mother Nature’s years of hard work and not to be tolerated.

This might have been believable in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries when people still believed in the biological concept of race and divided human populations into ‘sub-species’. Back then, whites became the elite group after researchers used science to prove whites were biologically, physically and intellectually superior to non-whites.

Times have changed though, and twenty-first century scientists have turned away from this original biological concept of race. In fact, determining who is ‘white’ these days is a pointless exercise, as ‘whiteness’ has different meanings around the world.

Why then do white nationalists persist in hanging on to their belief in the natural superiority of the ‘white race’?

  • They like being top of the gene pool
  • They like the social, economic and political privileges that go with being at the top
  • Claiming ‘whiteness’ as a product of time, nature and God gives them a valid reason to hate everyone who isn’t white
  • It means they can say ‘I belong’ to the best race in the world – even if it’s an empty claim in the twenty-first century