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Psychology white supremacy groups use to influence people

Pssst! Did you know that thanks to psychology it’s possible to predict how human beings are likely to respond to certain situations? White supremacy groups know this, and they use this knowledge to influence people and get them to behave in particular ways.  The methods used are so effective yet so simple that many people don’t even realise they are being influenced. Luckily, once you’re aware of the psychological tricks […]

Why I Left White Supremacy

White supremacy groups want to keep their members. They might appear to be a place to meet like-minded people; a place to socialise and meet friends. But if you changed your mind, would you be free to leave the group and what happens when people try to leave white supremacy? When Uwe Luthardt, a senior member of the German neo-Nazi NPD, decided he wanted to leave the white supremacist group […]

Hammered Festival – Are You Being Manipulated?

The way white supremacy groups use music and gigs like the Hammered Festival is genius! People think they are just listening to music for entertainment, when in reality there is a lot more going on. Music is a powerful tool for influencing people and spreading propaganda messages. White supremacy groups know and use this same powerful technique.

White Power - Join Now, Pay Later!

SPECIAL OFFER ON WHITE POWER GROUPS. JOIN NOW, PAY LATER!!!! Join FREE now and you will receive a ready-made group of friends who are able to say all the right things to make you feel better about yourself AND provide answers to all of life’s difficult issues. Wow this sounds like an amazing deal! White power groups often appeal to teenagers and young adults who, for a variety of reasons, […]

Joining a white supremacy group - is it really a free choice?

  People who join a white supremacy group may think this was a 100% free choice. But we’re not so sure. In this article we’ll show you how white supremacy groups use very deliberate recruitment strategies to manipulate people into joining their group. Just like Coca-cola spends millions of dollars on advertising to make people believe Coke is the drink for them, white supremacy groups  advertise their messages to convince […]