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Will whites-only settlements strengthen white nationalism?

White nationalists believe that it is important to establish ‘white only living spaces’. They talk about building communities that will be ‘vessels for white cultural revival and survival’. In other words, they want communities where white people live in close proximity to businesses and services that support ‘whiteness’ – no more Chinese butchers, Lebanese deli shops and Greek grocers!

Wilders visit to Australia

Geert Wilders is a Dutch far-right politician whose views on Islam have attracted controversy in the Netherlands and around the world. He planned to share these views in Australia during a series of talks entitled ‘Freedom, Islam and the West’.

What is white supremacy?

Sometimes the terms ‘white nationalism’ and ‘white supremacy’ seem to be used interchangeably and it’s hard to tell if – and how – they differ. Let’s try and clear up the uncertainty.

What is the meaning of the 'white values' that are celebrated at the Hammered festival?

Psychologists have known for a long time that being part of a group can exert a strong influence on how you behave. In fact, some people change their attitudes and behaviours to fit in with the norms of the in-group they’re part of, or even want to be part of. This is called ‘conformity’, and the pressure to conform can be very strong if you want to feel as if you really belong.

Ultimatum from white nationalists

Some white nationalists have discovered our website, and they don’t seem very happy about it. In fact, they’ve given us an ultimatum.

Has anybody left the white power movement?

There have been many people who have left the white power movement. Some of these people have gone on to do great things such as become parents, start organisations, write books and star in movies about their own life. Read more…

What can white nationalism lead to?

White nationalism has negative implications for both society and the individuals involved. In other countries white nationalism has lead to violent extremism and murder, with recent cases occurring in North America, Norway and England. We want to ensure that these type of incidences do not happen in Australia. Read more…