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Outrageous Theories And The Tricks Used To Get People To Believe

Can you spot when an argument has holes bigger than Swiss cheese? What are the tricks people use to spin their arguments and make them seem plausible? Faulty reasoning, circular arguments, hidden messages, false dichotomies. These are just some of the strategies used by politicians, the media, conspiracy theorists, white supremacy groups, and many others, to influence our ability to separate fact from fiction and evaluate arguments rationally. Read on […]

Multiculturalism = white genocide. Or does it???

This Report Just In!!! , Over 21 million white Australians continue to survive the arrival of non-white immigrants, despite White Supremacist claims of ‘white genocide’.   According to white supremacy groups, white Australia is on the brink of genocide because the government is allowing too many non-white immigrants into the country. These non-white immigrants are systematically taking over Australia and soon there could be no ‘real’ Australians left. These non-white […]

Ultimatum from white nationalists

Some white nationalists have discovered our website, and they don’t seem very happy about it. In fact, they’ve given us an ultimatum.

Is there a Jewish conspiracy?

White nationalists believe that the Jewish people control the media, government and criminal justice system. However, this is not correct as the culturally diverse heads of Australia’s media, government and justice system demonstrates. Read more…