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Should immigrants be forced to assimilate?

Many different people call Australia home and still celebrate, practise and maintain their cultural heritage, traditions and language. That’s because Australia’s multicultural policy encourages the national characteristics of ‘equality and a fair go for all’. But it wasn’t always this way.

Is conflict caused by diversity?

Some white nationalists would have us believe that conflict is caused by diversity: if there weren’t non-whites there would be no discrimination. However, these beliefs are based on some flawed assumptions.

Is extreme racism a mental illness?

For many years psychiatrists and psychologists have debated whether extreme racism is a mental illness. There are some suggestions that extreme racism could be a symptom of some psychiatric disorders.

What is racism?

Racism is a combination of attitudes, beliefs and behaviours, including: believing your race is superior to another race; offensive or aggressive behaviour towards somebody because of their race… Read more…