Do Jews control the Australian media?

Working out who owns what media outlet is a complicated task these days.  In Australia, there have been ongoing ownership changes and restructuring resulting in a mix of part owners, board members and shareholders.

Sometimes you’ll hear white nationalists complain that the media is owned solely by Jews, but that statement is not based on any actual facts. There are many people from many different ethnic backgrounds who have influence over Australia’s media today. There’s no ‘Jewish conspiracy’, and we’ll explain why.

Public broadcasters

Let’s start with the two public broadcasters, the ABC and SBS, which are run by boards and publicly funded. In both cases the board chair is Jewish, but that doesn’t mean they have ‘control’ over information coming out of these media outlets. There’s no ‘conspiracy’ because both board chairs are openly Jewish individuals who happen to be working for (but not controlling) an Australian public broadcasting company.

Commercial broadcasters

Moving on to the commercial sector, there’s a range of people involved as owners, part owners, board members and shareholders of the major media outlets.  But they are all from different backgrounds, not exclusively Jewish. In fact, their names (and often a brief ‘bio’) are open to public scrutiny because the Australian government has laws in place about disclosure of media ownership and levels of ownership permitted.

That means you can easily check out who are the board members and major shareholders in large media companies like Fairfax Media, Ten Network Holdings, News Corporation and Seven West Media – and you’ll find there is no ‘Jewish media domination’ as some white nationalists claim. Instead, there are people from a range of ethnic backgrounds who are able to bring a range of different viewpoints to Australia’s news.