How to spot a white nationalist

You might be able to identify white supremacist groups or somebody who is involved in white nationalism  by the symbols and music they associate themselves with. By being confident that you have identified their association with white nationalism, you will be able to confront the person directly about their involvement.

News about white nationalists in Australia

In June 2013, The West Australian reported that skinheads posted a sticker campaign recruiting white racists in a shopping centre in Perth’s south eastern suburbs.

Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn

In April 2013, The Conversation reported that Golden Dawn, a Greek political party was targeting growth in Melbourne, with reports that the group has acquired some 200 members and 3000 followers in Melbourne and their are plans for Gold Dawn MPs to visit the city later this year. Golden Dawn, typically described as fascist or a neo-Nazi movement, is currently led by Nikolaos Michaloliakos, a Holocaust denier who has spent time in prison for attacking journalists and carrying illegal guns and explosives. Golden Dawn has been accused of sparking xenophobic violence by promoting anti-immigration policies, and its political symbol bears a striking resemblance to the swastika.

In March 2013, the Gold Coast Bulletin reported that neo-nazi skinheads were planning to stage their annual white power Hammered Music Festival at a secret location on the Gold Coast and city leaders are unable to stop them.

In March 2013, The Age reported that white supremacists were urging Australian “patriots” to gather at meetings with controversial Dutch MP ready for a no-holds-barred fight, while Muslim leaders were encouraging their community to ignore Mr Wilders visit and not to draw attention by protesting.

In December 2012, The Age reported that two young men were jailed for what the judge called a “deplorable, unprovoked, brutal” race-hate bashing of a young Vietnamese international student, leaving him with critical injuries. One of the men acknowledged he had recently joined the skinheads.

In October 2012, The Age reported that vandals had spray-painted the Victorian Parliament building with swastikas.
Numbers used by some white nationalists in Australia

If you see any of these numbers in graffiti, tattoos, badges or clothing then it’s possible the person displaying the number is involved in white nationalism.

14 – This number stands for Fourteen Words which is a sentence well-known among people deeply involved in white nationalism: “We must secure the existence of our race and the future for white children.”

18 – The first and eighth letters of the alphabet are A and H, the initials of Adolph Hitler

28 – The second and eighth letters of the alphabet are B and H, which stands for Blood and Honour, a neo-nazi group which is active in Australia

88 – Using the same coding as above, HH means Heil Hitler

Symbols used by some white nationalists in Australia

Some white nationalists use symbols to identify themselves as a person who believes in white power ideologies. Symbols used by Australians include the swastika, Odal Rune, SS, and the Celtic cross (sometimes with the words “White Pride World Wide”). These symbols may be worn as metal or cloth badges, tattoos, or simply tags on belongings or property.

Words used by some white nationalists in Australia

  • NAM meaning National Anarchist Movement
  • Volksfront
  • Hammerskins
  • Blood and Honour
  • White Power
  • ZOG meaning Zionist Occupation Government
  • Aryan
More info

The Anti-Defamation League has a comprehensive database on extremist symbols, logos and tattoos.