Are only white nations expected to open their borders?

White nationalists claim that white nations are expected to open their borders to mass immigration but non-white nations are not. They make statements like:

  • ONLY white nations must lose their identity
  • We have heard MANY times people say that when race differences disappear, so will racism. Now what countries are these race differences supposed to disappear in? ONLY white countries   

They skip over the fact that in other nations – like Japan – this is not true. That’s irrelevant to their argument so they disregard it:

  • No one is demanding that non-white nations take in other races. Whether they do or not is up to them.
  • So whether non-white countries are becoming racially diverse, neither excuses demands for whites to be assimilated out, or debunks anything.

It’s convenient to ignore arguments you don’t want to hear, and white nationalists do that a lot. For example, it’s convenient to ignore that many whites live in countries like Australia where the indigenous non-white populations were ‘forced’ to open their borders. White nationalists side-step that issue completely, as you can see below.

Anti-racist: The US, Canada and Australia were founded on immigration. Why is [immigration] only wrong when the immigrants are now non-white?

White nationalist: Anti-whites are tape recorders, who recite the same arguments again and again when triggered in a Pavlovian fashion by pro-white statements. Using “nation of immigrants”, “colonialism” and other past facts does NOT absolve one of the responsibility of their own attitudes and words.

It’s easier to bring the argument back to blame and threats if logic threatens to get in the way. White nationalists are certainly disciplined and good at not getting sidetracked:

Keep on the attack. Keep demanding from them why ALL and ONLY white nations must go multiracial – because anti-racism is anti-white.

Why do they do this?

  • They want to keep the social, economic and political privileges that they believe rightfully belong to white people
  • They are scared that immigration and mixed heritage will threaten their position as the chosen elite group