Is Islam a religion?

When people say “Islam is not a religion” they seem to be only looking at one aspect of Islam: the small minority of fundamentalists who will go to any length to push their beliefs[...]

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Can humans be divided into ‘sub-species’?

White Nationalists try to simplify the concept of race by explaining that humans have sub-species, just like dogs and horses. That logic allows them to turn race into a natural div[...]

Has anybody left the white power movement?

There have been many people who have left the white power movement. Some of these people have gone on to do great things such as become parents, start organisations, write books an[...]

Who is white?

White nationalists believe ‘whites’ are non-Jewish people of wholly European descent – no exceptions. Determining who is ‘white’ is a pointless exercise, as ‘whiteness’ has differe[...]

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What does a swastika symbol mean?

The swastika is a very old symbol meaning “well-being”. However, the use of this symbol by white nationalists takes the meaning widely known today as the symbol used by the Nazi Pa[...]