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What is ZOG?

ZOG is a racist term. It is racist because it offends people from a specific ethnic background. Read more...

Is there a Jewish conspiracy?

White nationalists believe that the Jewish people control the media, government and criminal justice system. However, this is not correct as the culturally diverse heads of Austral[...]

What is racism?

Racism is a combination of attitudes, beliefs and behaviours, including: believing your race is superior to another race; offensive or aggressive behaviour towards somebody because[...]

What is race?

When people refer to race or racial differences, they usually mean skin colour, country of origin, religion, ethnic background, and cultural practices. Read more...

What can white nationalism lead to?

White nationalism has negative implications for both society and the individuals involved. In other countries white nationalism has lead to violent extremism and murder, with recen[...]

What is white nationalism?

White nationalism is the belief that white people – usually of a European origin – are superior to any other race. This is a racist belief that has no psychological or scientific b[...]