Ultimatum from white nationalists

Some white nationalists have discovered our website, and they don’t seem very happy about it. In fact, they’ve given us an ultimatum:

Do not be mistaken, these Anti-Whites know they are ‘Complicit in Genocide’, an offence under Article III 1948 Genocide Convention. They have an opportunity now to renounce their Anti-White activities, if not then one day they may find themselves paying reparations for the crime against humanity in which they are now engaged. This is not a plea, this is an ultimatum.

They also think our website has ‘hastily cobbled together Jew bull written all over it’ and that we’re just ‘stooges for the zionists and their globalist open border anti nationalist policies’.

It seems threats and insults are the only means they have to dispute our rational arguments. And, for the record, their “facts” about the authors of this website are incorrect.

However, if you look beyond the name-calling, it seems we’re also causing concern amongst some white nationalists, as these comments indicate:

If I googled something relating to Australian Nationalism i.e. Australia First Party, this website would sometimes be at the top of the page…

It’s nice to know we’ve caused such a stir by becoming essential reading for any Australian considering joining the far-right.

What’s the end product, what are their qualifications and by what process do they deprogram people?

The end product, we hope, is a society where extremist ideologies such as white nationalism fall apart because anybody who is at risk of joining realises that they are being brainwashed.

People who work on this project have paid positions in a variety of sectors: business, government, non-profit and education. It is our team’s diversity that is also our strength.

At no point do white nationalists argue with logic or fact in their complaint about this website – instead, they simply draw on the same arguments that we’ve heard over and over. For example, they interpret our comment that ‘anti-racist means accepting, not fearing change’, as meaning:

… that anti-racists accept the fact that they and their families will be a tiny minority in the land their forefathers built…

The information on our website is based on facts, and allows you to make a decision about the white power movement in Australia.

We’re a ‘resource for Australians’, a statement that clearly bothers some white nationalists. By providing facts on this website, we are an alternative to people considering white nationalism for camaraderie.  And by doing so we are undermining their recruitment, which in the end results in fewer gullible people being sucked into this extremist ideology.