What does it mean to be a white Aussie?

Who is the ‘real’ white Aussie?  It all depends on who you ask.

White nationalists will tell you it’s someone with a predominantly White European heritage. They’re the only ‘true blue Aussies’. They built this country and now they’re defending every white Australian’s right to live free of multiculturalism, interracial breeding and genocide.

In the real world it’s not so clear-cut. It’s more about how people see themselves and the community they live in, as this person states:

I happen to be born with white skin, blond hair and blue eyes. But does that make me part of the ‘white’ community? … my butcher is Chinese, my deli shop is Lebanese, my grocer is Greek … That’s ‘my community’!

This suggests there can be in fact be more than one Anglo-Saxon Australian identity:  there’s the rigidly defined White European Australian identity and the more inclusive multicultural Australian identity.

The deciding factor is how a person wants to live their life.

The person who blindly follows white nationalist ‘rules’ for white European Australians is limited to white Western traditions and culture. No Chinese butchers, Lebanese delis and Greek grocers for them!

The person who exercises freedom of thought and embraces their multicultural Australian identity has the opportunity to share, learn and grow in a multicultural nation. Instead of following rigidly defined lifestyle choices, the multicultural Australian can choose their community, their friends and their foods!

White nationalists tell their followers that ‘true blue Aussies’ are being harassed in their own country. Multicultural Aussies would disagree:

My ‘community’ contains everyone who enjoys his own life without harming anyone else, regardless the colour of the skin, cultural background or religious background!