What does it mean to be a white nationalist?

You’d be surprised how many rules and obligations are attached to being a white nationalist.

First of all, you have to be a ‘racially aware and proud’ white person who believes that:

  • As a member of the supreme race, you are entitled to rule a nation that is free of non-whites and Jews
  • Non-whites and Jews are a threat to your racial purity
  • In fact, they’re trying to stampede you into racial mixing and self-annihilation

The internet makes joining such groups easier, and it’s no surprise that white nationalist groups have increased their membership this way. These days we all rely on the internet for information and white nationalists exploit this to attract more and more potential members.

White nationalist groups make you feel special and privileged to be white – but don’t be fooled, they expect something in return. They have strict rules and you are expected to follow them. They take charge of your private life with warnings like:

If you claim to be serious about meeting racialists in your area we will check you out and determine if you are a waste of time. Generally the first things we do is see where else you’ve been on the internet, what you’ve been posting on other websites, and who your friends are.

Once you’re hooked and sign up, they make it clear it’s not just a social group – you have to do something. In fact, if you don’t, they assume you’re the enemy:

Those who sign up and do not participate by posting will be subject to account deletion at our discretion. If you don’t post or participate in discussions we will assume you are here to monitor us on behalf of our enemies.

If you think it’s starting to sound like a ‘cult’, you’re right. Cults need their members to be completely devoted to some person or idea and they don’t mind using manipulative and controlling techniques to get that devotion. Cults make you feel privileged to belong to a special group, and this can be very appealing if you’re feeling vulnerable or threatened.

White nationalists do the same. They manipulate white people into believing that their very existence is under threat from non-whites and Jews – that they are facing genocide. Recruits are expected to adopt white nationalist views without doing their own thinking, in fact they discourage recruits from using their own brain at all.

Cults make demands of their members, just like white nationalists do. White nationalist websites have warnings like:

Hanging out and chatting on a message board does not constitute being active in the White Nationalist community. Get off your ass, go out and meet people, support our music, support our POW’s, and never forget where you came from.

And once you join a white nationalist group in person, you constantly have to prove yourself a ‘loyal and worthy comrade’. There can be an annual levy and compulsory meetings, gatherings and ‘face time’ with your closest representative. You’re even told who to love and hate:

You will be expected to be the friend of our friends and the foe of our foes. In return we will offer you the same commitment and loyalty.

Just like cults, it can be hard to get out of a white nationalist group. But many brave people have, and you can read some of their inspiring stories on our website.