Multiculturalism = white genocide. Or does it???

white genocide meme

This Report Just In!!! , Over 21 million white Australians continue to survive the arrival of non-white immigrants, despite White Supremacist claims of ‘white genocide’.


According to white supremacy groups, white Australia is on the brink of genocide because the government is allowing too many non-white immigrants into the country. These non-white immigrants are systematically taking over Australia and soon there could be no ‘real’ Australians left. These non-white immigrants are inferior to white people, bringing their inferior ways to this country, and white supremacy groups proclaim that it’s only a matter of time before white society is destroyed. A key catch phrase for white supremacy groups is “Multiculturalism = white genocide”

So is Australia really being taken over by non-white immigrants?

Well, not according to all the data that’s out there. The 2011 Census shows that 92% of the people living in Australia were either born here, or came from another English speaking country like the UK or New Zealand. Only 8% of the population comes from non-English speaking countries, and none of these countries accounts for more than 1.5% of Australia’s population.

What about all the refugees that come from third world countries?

Again, if we look at the data on refugees coming into Australia, the fact is, Australia has a limit to how many refugees it accepts in any year. Currently this limit is 13,750 people. Given that Australia’s population is nearly 23.5 million, refugees account for a total of 0.06% of the population. So sure, there are some people coming to Australia from places like Africa, the Middle East, and South West Asia, but with these numbers it’s hardly an invasion.

So what’s the real issue here?

OK, the maths shows that white genocide isn’t happening in Australia, but it is true that multiculturalism has had an effect on Australian society. If you walk down the street you are likely to see people from other countries, and you are likely to see cultural practices that might be different to your own. For some people this makes them worry that Australia is becoming ‘less Australian’ and that immigrants aren’t respecting the Australian way of life. But do you really know what belongs to white Australian culture and what doesn’t?

For instance, did you know that:

  • Tea drinking comes from China
  • Drinking coffee comes from Africa
  • Many of our TV’s, stereos, smart phones and computers come from companies in Asia
  • Many of the cars we drive are made in Japan or South Korea
  • Meat pies originated in Ancient Egypt

The fact is, if we went back to only having white cultural influences in Australia, we would have to give up a whole lot of the things that make the Australian way of life so great.