White Power Discussion – ask your questions


Have an opinion on white nationalism in Australia? Want to discuss what you’ve read on this site? Join us on our discussion about white power in Australia.

This forum exists so that people who are interested in white supremacist ideology can chat with other interested people and become more informed about it. It is a place where you can say what you think, ask questions, and talk with others about the different messages that are out there around white supremacy in Australia. This forum is for people who don’t want to just blindly follow rhetoric and accept things at face value. It’s a place for thinkers who like to make their own choices about what they believe.

Our first open forum was held by Robert Orell, a former white supremacist who visited Australia to share his experience of involvement in the white power movement. You can still read his answers to the ‘Ask Me Anything’ forum.

How the forum works:

White Power? Discussion Page  is held on Facebook.  We post links which we think might be an interesting starting point for discussion. Where the conversation goes from there is up to you! You can pretty much talk about anything to do with white supremacy and white nationalism in Australia, though any posts inciting people to do something illegal will be removed and followed up. Everyone is free to post but nobody has to.