White Power – Join Now, Pay Later!


Join FREE now and you will receive a ready-made group of friends who are able to say all the right things to make you feel better about yourself AND provide answers to all of life’s difficult issues.

Wow this sounds like an amazing deal! White power groups often appeal to teenagers and young adults who, for a variety of reasons, are socially isolated and might have a lot to be angry and disappointed about. They offer answers to the difficult issues in life; they offer a promise of belonging somewhere; and all that people have to do is be 100% committed to adopting group ideology and following the group’s rules. If you’re someone who’s spent lots of time feeling alone and angry it makes sense that you could be interested in joining a white power group. It sounds like the perfect deal! But wait a minute. What about the pay later bit of the deal? To put it simply, white supremacy groups expect something from you in return. Belonging to a white supremacy group means being 100% committed to adopting white supremacist ideology and living by the group’s rules and expectations. These expectations can include things like declaring family and friends the enemy; breaking the law; or using violence to achieve the goal of white supremacy. These are all things that you might come to regret later on in life.

“The rule in being a skinhead is that it is a way of life. It’s not something you can get out of. It’s a way of life, it’s an attitude, it’s all in one. You’ve got to live a skinhead. You have to learn all their ways” -an Australian neo-Nazi speaking about his experiences.

I don’t think I’ll regret anything. Sure, nobody has a crystal ball to know about the future, but one thing is for sure; EVERYONE has things that they regret having done in their lives. OK, so why might I regret belonging to a white supremacy group? There are a whole heap of reasons why you might regret joining, and everyone is going to be different. But it might be useful to ask yourself the following questions.

1)      What do you want to do in life? Go travelling? Have a career? Belonging to a white supremacy group could cost you all of these things.

• If you do anything illegal like committing violence this could mean a criminal record and significant jail time. Do you want to spend a chunk of your life locked up with limited freedom.

• Having a criminal record can stop you having the career you want. There are many employers who won’t hire people with a criminal record. Are you happy to have your options limited like this.

• Having a criminal record affects what countries you’re allowed to travel to, and for some criminal records you can even be banned from leaving Australia.

2)  What do you want from life? A family? To feel happy? To be loved?  Again belonging to a white supremacy group can cost you all of these things.

• Belonging to a white supremacy group means separating yourself from the rest of society and declaring it the enemy. It means losing relationships with family and friends outside the group. It means feeling constantly surrounded by the enemy and having society reject you in return.

“Old friends suddenly shied away from me…..in the group it is a collective experience that almost everybody turns their backs on us. One of the things that keeps us together is this shared feeling of isolation” -a 17yr old neo-Nazi


3)      What kind of person do you want to be? What are your values and beliefs and do they fit with the group’s beliefs?

•  Belonging to a white supremacy group means adopting the group’s values and beliefs, even if they are different to your own. It means continually proving your loyalty to the group, not questioning any of the group’s methods and not allowing yourself to have any doubts. Changing your values and beliefs to fit in with a group is a big deal. It can mean ignoring what’s important to you, and after a while you might not even recognise the person you used to be.

“It is remarkable how fast I have shifted my boundaries regarding violence…..now it does not cost me a penny to beat and take out all my aggression against someone who represents what I hate……from being stunned and scared by seeing and experiencing violence, I have come to enjoy it” -a young female member of a right wing group

4)      How will you feel if you do end up regretting being involved in white supremacy? Are you prepared to live with whatever the consequences are from your choices? Or is the cost not worth it?