Will a racially conscious social system benefit whites?

Some white nationalists believe we need a ‘racially conscious social system’. What they mean is that they want to rank people in a social hierarchy according to their own terms.

In practice, this means that anyone – irrespective of skin colour – who doesn’t meet the white nationalists’ strict criteria for ‘appropriate white behaviour’ would have no place in this ‘racially conscious social system’.

They don’t want the “white druggies, misfits and useless morons” in their white society any more than they want the immigrant who “arrives on our shores with their hand out waiting for all the hand outs to come”. They arbitrarily determine who is a “druggy, misfit and moron” so watch out anybody who has periods of mental illness for example (that’s 1 in 3 Australians!).

In this idealised society, they only want white people who are not “afraid of hard work and making something of themselves”. This suggests that white nationalists would turn their ‘racially conscious social system’ into a way of weeding out anyone they consider not meeting their standards, irrespective of race or ethnicity. This sounds more like an exclusive club than a social system.

If a ‘culturally aware social system’ is used to discriminate and exclude people who are classified as ‘different’ or ‘lacking’, it would inevitably promote inequality within a society. Those who are designated ‘lower class’ in this system – either due to skin colour or perceived personal ‘failings’ – would be excluded from feeling part of society, which in turn could cause them to slip further down the social ladder.

Ongoing experiences of inequality can eventually make a person start to believe they are unequal to others, which may then stop them even trying to access many of the social benefits that should be freely available in an equal society. Things like the right to feel safe, the right to belong and the right to live without discrimination can slip out of their reach in an unequal society.

A ‘culturally aware social system’ is only beneficial when it is used to acknowledge and validate the unique benefits that different people from different cultures can introduce to a multicultural society. Then it becomes a valuable tool to acknowledge, promote and maintain equality and fairness for all.