Will non-white immigration lead to genocide in white nations?


White nationalists believe non-white immigration into white nations will lead to the end of the white race. They paint a bleak and scary picture with comments like:

  • “Mass immigration and assimilation is going to cause the destruction of OUR race.”
  • “If you are advocating that ALL and ONLY white nations become multiracial, then you are advocating a status quo in which the white race would disappear.”
  • “The issue is our race being subjected to a program of genocide through mass immigration and assimilation.”

Sounds scary and leads straight to the mantra that is popping up on white nationalist websites: “Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white.”

The problem with this statement is that white nationalists are using fear to manipulate white people into falsely associating immigration with ethnic conflict and genocide.

They conveniently ignore the benefits of living in a multicultural society and move straight to ‘lost identity’ and ‘genocide’. Imagine how bland life would be if you couldn’t choose from a range of multicultural foods or listen to ‘non-white’ music like jazz, reggae and hip hop.

Why do white nationalists replace the word multiculturalism with genocide? They’re working with a simple formula:

  • Convincing whites that they are under threat creates fear
  • Fear leads to anger
  • Anger leads to violence
  • Violence gets rid of the fear at least for a while.

White nationalists use this formula over and over to manipulate existing members into acts of racism, and to recruit new members.

What they’re really saying is:

  • Whites are the chosen elite and we don’t want that to change
  • We’re scared of change, so we’ll make all whites scared of change too
  • Their fear will turn to anger, violence and racism, and stop the change.

The white nationalist logic doesn’t make sense – until you realise it’s all about keeping the social, economic and political privileges that they believe rightfully belong to white people.

They’re feeling threatened and manipulate other white people into believing: “anti-racism is a codeword for anti-white.”