Will whites-only settlements strengthen white nationalism?

White nationalists believe that it is important to establish ‘white only living spaces’.

They talk about building communities that will be ‘vessels for white cultural revival and survival’. In other words, they want communities where white people live in close proximity to businesses and services that support ‘whiteness’ – no more Chinese butchers, Lebanese deli shops and Greek grocers!

Whites-only settlements would limit lifestyle choices and prevent Aussies from choosing their own friends and foods!

Some white nationalists have allegedly started doing this. This is what they say on one of their online forums:

Many of us are working within existing communities to make them more habitable for White families, the theory being that Riff Raff are less likely to be able to afford to (or feel welcome in) live in a nice clean suburb with low crime and rising property values.

This argument has a number of flaws, even from a ‘white’ perspective:

  1. A ‘white only living space’ with higher property values immediately discriminates against white people who can’t afford to live there. Income is often connected to ‘power’, but ‘whiteness’ doesn’t automatically guarantee income or power. For example, gender, class, disability and sexuality can all affect income and power, irrespective of skin colour. This suggests that any ‘whites’ who can’t afford to live in a ‘white only living space’ become part of the ‘riff raff’.
  2. A ‘white only living space’ doesn’t guarantee low crime because crime is not just related to race and skin colour. Research shows that poverty and unemployment are both important factors in crime rates. This suggests that some poor or unemployed whites would need to be excluded to keep the crime rate low.
  3. Race and skin colour aren’t the only things that can lead to conflict. In fact, a recent survey in the US found that conflict between rich and poor had overtaken friction between immigrants and US-born people as the greatest source of tension in society.

Nevertheless, white nationalists would still have us believe that ‘whites only settlements’ will create an idyllic society, and preserve the white European traditions and cultures under threat from immigration.

As well as ignoring the issues of power and income, they also seem to forget the historical evidence that white Europeans have fought amongst themselves in the past and that skin colour had nothing to do with many of those conflicts.

Factors such as different religious beliefs and seeking more land and resources will also affect the ‘utopia’ that white nationalists present as the end result of ceasing immigration and creating all white settlements.