For good reasons flags are used, all to show patriotism for advertising purposes, where the types of flags that you want to display and where you want to display the influence of that flag, you should buy reality. 

The flagpole will probably be the most common accessories that must be purchased, which can be made of fiberglass or aluminum when used outdoors. You can also get toppers, flagpole stands, mounts, and more from companies such as

The first step in choosing between different types of fiberglass, wood and aluminum poles and between various different accessories, is to determine what your preferences are. 

This includes aspects such as inside or outside, the length of time taken, the person or group using the flag, as well as other conditions. 

You probably will for example not be looking for a giant flagpole that needs to be properly secured to the ground outside if you buy a set of flags for the office of one of the official pole city or state and a shorter or mattress topper would be appropriate.

For most residential uses, the average homeowner could be looking for just a pole and bracket for mounting on the house for seasonal displays or perhaps consider a place eight foot pole in the lawn to use all the year. 

You want to start looking at individual attributes of each design and the materials presented, once you have established that your requests are in respect to the flagpole and essential accessories. 

While they are lightweight, flagpoles aluminum for example, you can sometimes find features such as an internal halyard height or telescoping that can be adjusted. 

These different features will eventually change the way your flag is used, cared for, and seen for yourself and others, so you need to determine what features are best for your needs.