A canopy or awning will provide you the advantage of extending your living room into the backyard, basically providing you an excess room. 

The awning won't only provide shelter and shade, but if you decide to supply your outdoor area, with a dining table and seats, your furniture is going to be more shielded against the effects of the sunlight and rain also. For more information about retractable outdoor awnings you can visit https://azsunsolutions.com/retractable-awnings/

retractable outdoor awnings

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Protection from the sun

A multi-purpose, retractable patio awning can provide the ideal outdoor shade so that your family can enjoy the warm weather without having to retreat indoors.

Whether you choose to use the awning to create shade, a cool place to relax after a spot of gardening, or a safe place for children to play on sunny days, can reduce the temperature in the shade as much as 20 degrees, lowering the risk of heat stroke and sunburn.

Energy saving

If your residence is in full sunlight all day it may absorb the heat, releasing it in the evenings and creating your house uncomfortably hot.

Ac units may be costly to operate and are not particularly environmentally friendly, but a well-placed awning or canopy may secure your house from the entire power of sunlight.

It will shade your walls and windows throughout the day, or so the heat is not absorbed by your house, helping to keep more comfortable temperatures immediately.