For people who are elderly or disabled taking a bath or getting out of the bath could be a challenge. Some people struggle to lift their legs off the sides of the tub, while some find it difficult to stand up after sitting down or safely leave the bath.

Maybe the slippery surface is too risky for those with balance issues or mobility issues or perhaps the risk of falling is too much. If that's the case, then it's time to examine the alternatives that are available to handicapped baths.

Some of the helpful and functional disability bathrooms for elders with accessories:

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Baths that are disabled: alternatives

Lifts for baths are situated inside the regular bath. The person who is using the lift sits on it that then is lowered into the bath, and then raises them from it. They're typically suitable for people who can stand on the edge of the bath and lift their legs to lift them over the bath's rim.

Bath hoists

Hoists to the bath are an option that's perfect for wheelchair users who are not able to use the bath. They are either mechanical or electric and include seats that are attached to a column that allows users to lift, move, and lower to the bathroom. 

Bath seats

If you're able to get in or out of the tub but are unable to get up from your normal position for bathing then the bathtub seat could be a cheap and efficient way to keep fresh. 

This is merely a sample of options available to disabled people who wish to continue using their baths like they normally do.