Parents who choose bean bags for their children's beds are making a wise investment. Beanbags offer comfort, convenience and a soft touch that make sleeping an easier task for babies and young children. They're also ideal for use on trampolines and in outdoor playpens as they are waterproof and completely resistant to all types of weather conditions.

Beanbags and baby bean bags made by Baby Trend as displayed on Best Cheap Baby Bean Bags –, are one of the best-selling items on the market for infants. Easy to Clean Made from cloth or canvas, these comfortable chairs have no inner lining to collect food, and the straps are non-irritating for babies. The sturdy nylon straps and handles make this a convenient addition to any baby's play area and will grow with your child. Some even come with an extra inner harness that can be used as a stand when using the chairs outdoors.

Beanbags and baby bean bags made by Baby Trend are designed with infants in mind. They are ergonomically designed to provide enough room for the infant's head and shoulders to be properly supported and prevent slouching, which has been correlated with SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It was believed that carrying infants may increase the risk of SIDS, but the contour of baby bean bags help to reduce the risk.

Most baby bean bags and chairs have removable tabs in their stuffing, making it easy to clean and sanitize. For babies that prefer to sleep without blankets, disposable plastic granules can be placed between the fabric's seams for an extra layer of comfort and softness. Some beanbags and chairs have zippered pockets and plastic strips to hold toys or bottles. Others have an inner zipper pocket to hold pens or a key. The removable inner bag is an ideal place to store your baby's favorite books, toys, or anything else that you don't want to feel wet.

These baby bean bags are machine washable and many are dryer-friendly. Many of them have an adjustable elastic band to adjust the size. Beanbags that have an inner zipper pocket can be machine washed on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent. They can also be washed and dried in a washing machine on a gentle cycle, but by hand is best. Although they may wrinkle slightly, there is no need to iron them because they do not become damaged by heat.

These baby bean bags can help infants sleep better through the night by reducing the effects of gravity on their head and neck. When sitting on a bouncer, gravity naturally pulls the head and shoulders forward, causing the child to wake up and breathe urgently for air. It can also cause pain in the chest and throat due to the soft tissue in the soft top of the bag rubbing against the chest and throat area. These bags can help remedy this problem by giving a flat head support.

Parents should know that some of these bean bags are filled with a substance called polystyrene, which is a harmful material that is also found in some popular soft toys. This material is dangerous because it can suffocate a baby if they get their head trapped between two filling layers. Polystyrene is a thick and viscous substance that is formed from ethylene oxide and polyethylene glycol. It is used as an additive in building toys, siding and shingles and as a filler for plastic and rubber products. Unfortunately, polystyrene is also known to form poisonous gases when it combines with oxygen, making it an unhealthy substance for babies and small children.

Babies should never be placed in a horizontal, upright position for extended periods of time. If an infant must be placed in a horizontal position, they should be placed on their side, with the head elevated enough to avoid contact with the bottom of the baby bean bags. An infant should never be held in an upright position, as they may become entangled in the loose strands of fillers. In addition, frequent motion of the head may cause scalp irritation, discomfort and even bleeding in older infants.