Unfortunately, drains can be hidden. This makes it difficult to reach them without causing major disruption, which could lead to complications and additional costs. This is not an issue with CCTV cameras, as they can easily identify blockages and inspect the drainage system.

High definition colour cameras (HD) are available on the top of the range systems. This makes the survey more precise and any issues easier for engineers. A single setup can assess pipes of any size, from 50mm to 300m. 

It can also travel up to 500m. Request a DVD and a complete report. Also, any engineering recommendations should be included. It is used to locate any potential problems in drainage systems. CCTV surveys are used in the construction industry. 

After conducting a thorough evaluation of the site, the operative will create a report that details the drainage systems and reports on their cleanliness, integrity, and most importantly, the system's operational effectiveness. 

CCTV surveys are done by water authorities, councils, builders, architects and developers before a property is adopted. CCTV surveys are used to verify that drainage systems work properly and there are no hidden problems.

Most mortgage lenders require home buyer/seller CCTV surveys. These pre-purchase house surveys provide peace of mind for the buyer. This can be especially relevant if the property has had work done, is older or if it has had renovations.