Many intricate designs used in drapery manufacturing cannot be removed once installed. These treatments must be cleaned on the window. The properly trained professional drapery cleaner will direct you to the proper method.

In later years when the window drapery cleaning came to be, As it was perfected and the cleaning materials became safer, it did almost all on the window drapery cleaning. You can get in touch with a professional drapery cleaning company to remove all the dust and dirt at once.

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The results are fabulous and the cleaning materials are people and pet-friendly. This system very effectively removes the allergens that get trapped in your drapes. With these allergens gone, you breathe easier and can have fewer allergic reactions, which means better health for all.

There is no safer way to clean your expensive drapery treatments than on the window, no matter how old or delicate they are. When cleaned on the windows, window treatments never shrink or get distorted. The nicest part of this process is that you are never without your drapes so your windows are never bare.

When cleaning drapes on the window, they never fade or shrink, never fall apart from sun exposure or age, and always look the same way they did when they were installed. 

When this technology emerged, everything changed for the better. Here we are today being able to give customers exactly what they want. Nice fresh and clean drapes.

One other thing, what never leaves the home, never gets lost or damaged. When drapes are cleaned on the windows, you never have to worry about having bare windows. Proper vacuuming and professional window cleaning every year or two, will ensure a long, beautiful, and happy life for your drapes and better health for you.