The Telegram Stickers channel is a great place to learn more about downloading stickers. If you’re not sure how to access it, don’t be discouraged.

It is very easy to find this channel. You can browse through Telegram’s sticker channels and as soon as you feel comfortable, you can download new stickers. You can also search various telegram stickers from

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There are many ready-made stickers on Telegram. However, it is possible to do it yourself. It’s very easy to upload Telegram stickers. You will soon be able to express yourself because you can call it your own.

Telegram stickers must be PNG images with a transparent background with a size of 512*512 pixels. Most people prefer the Telegram desktop because it’s easier to create stickers.

Telegram Web and Telegram for Windows are great options for creating your own Telegram stickers. Each sticker must be a separate image file.

How to upload Telegram stickers:

  • Visit the Telegram sticker bot.
  • Type the command /new package and press Enter.
  • Sticker Robot will ask for the package name.
  • To start your first upload, click the file icon. The bot will reject any file that is not a photo.
  • When you click enter, and emoji will be assigned to your sticker. Click Enter to select the one that best fits your sticker. Telegram recommends using only two emojis on a sticker.
  • Continue with the steps above until you have uploaded all the stickers. Then type the command /Publish and press Enter.