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Halftone is a reprographic method of printing wherein tiny dots are used to stimulate a stable coverage of coloured ink. The approach uses perfectly placed dots instead of slathering on and a combination of ink on the printing material (usually paper). It ensures a clean transition without completely saturating the paper.

The Working of Halftone Printing

Halftone CMYK allows using the four base inks to create the final print outputs. It produces a geometrically better image on paper by using varied frequencies and lengths of the base shades. If you are a designer, you can use the Halftone impact in Photoshop to treat your designs better.

In printing, frequency modulation refers to a random variation of dots in a particular section of the paper to make it appear lighter or darker. Though all the dots have the same tone. This modulation can also be used to printing shades snapshots.

The Dithering Method

In commercial printing, dithering refers to the use of a restrained colour palette for creating a colour intensity phantasm in the graphics on a computer. This approach doesn’t restrict the choice of colours to a specific palette. In printing, the method is similar to the halftone approach. Use of a speckled appearance or a feature graininess can make a specifical portrait or a dithered image more prominent with a fewer selection of shades.

While you might not be able to decide the best approach based on the basic definition of the two approaches, it is advised to search for commercial printers near me and consult for the best advice.