Isn’t it annoying how people land on your site, poke around for a minute, and then leave – 9 times out of 10, for good! There are many ways you can reduce website bounce rates, but a whiteboard or a cartoon animation video may be the best.

We found that website visitors spend 2.6x longer on pages that have video than those that don't have. A retail report shows that a video can increase product page conversions by up to 30%. It's not too bad!  To know more about how whiteboard animation can help your business in many ways, you can hop over to this site

How do you harness it?

You can still increase your conversion rate even if your business isn't an eCommerce company. Whiteboard and cartoon animation videos can be used on your website to help you do this. Unbounce claims that you can expect is a 20% increase in conversion rates.

These are the steps to maximize this benefit:

  • You can add whiteboard or cartoon animation videos to the most visited landing pages. Then, run an A/B test and see if you get the results that you desire.
  • Test it by displaying a video about your product/service on your homepage. This will result in a significant increase in page time.

It allows you to attract mobile users (especially iPad users)

That's what we bet you didn’t expect, did you? The iPhone generation is always on their phones and never pays attention to anything else.

Visible Measures research shows that mobile users are consistently more engaged with videos than desktop users. Desktop and laptop users can barely watch 1 minute of video without getting tired and then going on to surf the internet.

On average, iPhone users watch 2.4 minutes worth of video. And Android users are more engaged than ever, spending 3 minutes per video. iPad users are the winners with a remarkable 5 minute viewing time – amazing for our distractible digital age!