Your attic may be a great place to store Christmas decorations and other items that are rarely used, but the warm, quiet and sheltered space under your roof also makes it the ideal home for a variety of creatures.

Often the first sign of disturbance in your home is a sound you hear from the ceiling. So it recommended to hire professional wildlife removal services for safe elimination of these creatures and also they provide services like attic clean up after removal.

Here's a quick guide to help you determine who might be in the house on your roof area.


Squirrels often enter attics to nest and raise families. Unfortunately, these animals severely damage, chewing and gnawing on electrical cables, pipes, and wooden bodies to remove the teeth that keep growing on the incisors.

Squirrels are mostly active four to five hours before sunrise, especially in the winter months. However, you can hear the creatures hovering and rotating around your ceiling at night. You can also hear squirrels gnawing and scratching at hard surfaces as they tear through your bulkhead to build a nest.


Female raccoons often inhabit people's blankets in the spring to prepare for the birth of their young. In March / April you will hear loud bangs coming from the ceiling as the raccoons build their nests. 

Adult raccoons are large creatures weighing six to ten kilograms, and their armor is much heavier than those of squirrels. When a raccoon kid is born, you will often hear screams, chirps, and scratching sounds from the nest.