What got you into collecting magazines? What's your favorite magazine subscription? These are the types of questions that usually come up when you start thinking about your own collection of magazines. Learn about the history of the magazine release button and what it means for us today.

It was a simple invention that allowed for magazines to be quickly and easily released from firearms. The magazine release button has become a standard feature on most firearms and is used to rapidly reload magazines. It was called a “butterfly” button, and it allowed magazines to be easily released from firearms. 

The invention of the CZ shadow 2 magazine release button was important because it made shooting magazines much more efficient. Before the butterfly button, shooters had to manually reload their firearms every time they wanted to shoot another round.

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With a magazine release button, shooters could simply push a button on the side of their gun and the magazines would automatically reload. 

Later on, magazine release buttons got modified so that they could be used with other types of firearms. Today, there are different types of magazine release buttons available, including slide release buttons and thumbwheel release buttons.

The release button on a magazine is there to help you keep your place while flipping through the pages. Without it, it would be very difficult to tell where one page ended and the next began. Issuers of magazines also use the release button to help reviewers and readers maintain continuity of thought when reading an entire article or issue.