Many businesses disregard calendars as promotional material. The reason is we are so used to digital calendars. That makes people believe nobody uses the wall or desk calendars anymore. But, this is simply not true. 

What Design Works Best

There are many possibilities when it comes to a personalised calendar design. You can choose to use images of your products. Or relaxing images with your logo. Or something witty and funny. But, you should make sure that the style you choose represents your brand. Your customers should be able to make a connection between the calendar and your business.

Travel photography is great for travel agencies. Product images always work well. If you are selling something used as an ingredient for something else, including recipes can be a good idea. 

Make it Personal

One way to make it more personal is to add important days. Do you have some deadlines important for your customers? Remind them on the calendar. Are you planning some educational content? Seasonal sales? Include those dates to increase the value of the calendar. 

Adding the dates related to your business is excellent, but you can take it one step further. Include the dates important for your business partners and not related to you (tax report deadlines, dates of major conferences in their industries…). 

This will show them that you care about their business and that you are a reliable partner who is there for them. Even when there is no direct benefit for you included.