I love sausages and grilling has got to be one of the best ways to cook it, but so often I've been to barbecue parties and come across an absolute culinary disaster that borders on health hazards. You can also learn how to make saveloy sausage via https://hellers.co.nz/products/sausages

Let's find out one thing before we go any further, and just because you're grilling doesn't mean you have to serve poor quality sausages. Often I hear friends say, "I bought cheap sausages because we're going to burn them anyway." Do not accept the inevitability, if purchased with poor quality, it will be full of fat which will vomit and cause pimples that lead to burns. There are alternative ways.

Take up the challenge, it is possible to cook good tasty sausages on the grill, and to make it easier you need to start with quality sausages. Sure, one of the fundamentals of any sausage is fat, and the cooking process effectively cooks up the fat content so a little fat always comes out, but your job is to work it out.

What do well-cooked sausages do? For me, these are: –

  • Crunchy skin texture
  • Lightly caramelize to sweeten the taste of meat
  • Inside, the flesh is juicy and moist

One cooking method I have heard of is cooking sausages in water to distribute the fat so there is less fat to regurgitate when grilling (and the sausage burns) but I don't like it, because it means less grilling time to get that crunchy caramel skin that adds flavor. . If you're a beginner, it might be worth drinking pop, but here's my guide on how to make the best sausages.