If you’re like most rifle owners, you probably have more than one action part for your rifle. But which one is the right one for your shooting style and caliber? In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to identify the right action part for your rifle and help you choose the perfect replacement part for your gun. 

If you own a lever-action rifle, a traditional single-shot firearm, or a bolt-action rifle, your action part is typically a lever that cycles the cartridge in the chamber and fires the projectile. There are two main types of lever-action rifles: the falling block and the sliding block. If you are looking for rifle parts, you can buy them from Mountain Tactical.

action gun parts

The falling block type uses a weight at the rear of the action to hold the barrel in position while it cycles, while the sliding block type has a movable block at the front of the action that rides on an arbor and moves forward as cartridges are inserted into it. 

There are many options available for the lever-action rifle, and before you can decide which one is best for your needs, you must first consider the three main types of activities that exist.

Falling block This type of action has a rear block that moves forward as cartridges are inserted into it, holding the cartridge in place until the bolt or breech is opened. The disadvantage to this type of action is that all levers and blocks have tolerances that make them rather inconsistent when it comes time to tighten them up. 

This makes things very difficult if there is ever a problem in the action. Another potential disadvantage of this kind of action is that all moving parts are visible, which can make it a tad more difficult to see when the gun is pointed downrange.

The only major difference between this style of action and its predecessor is that the side lever allows for adjustments to be made on both sides of the gun. This makes it more efficient than other designs, but also requires two levers instead of just one regular handle.

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