Characteristics of Private Limited Company:

Independent Legal Existence

Annual General Meeting – Just a private limited company can distribute duties to maintain a Yearly general meeting. To know about corporate structure for private limited company in Indonesia read this article carefully.

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Share Capital Limits – No maximum or minimum share capital demands.

The minimum amount of Clients: 2; Maximum amount of Clients: 200

Minimum Capital: Nil undefined

Limited Duty

Minimum number of Managers: two

The overseas investment permitted (subject to substance Sectoral Cap based on FDI principles )

Continuity of existence: firm not affected by the condition of the proprietor.

Process for Incorporation of Private Limited Company

A) Obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for your projected Director not needing DSC;

B) Acquire Occupational Identification Number (DIN) for suggested Manager not applying in order to have DIN into the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) in Form DIR-3;

The need for Form DIR-3: Identity Proof: Duplicate of Income Tax Permanent Account Number is compulsory if there ought to be an event of National and in such cases, applicant particulars ought to be according to Income taxation PAN).

Address Proof: Photocopy of Passport or Voter ID or Ration Card or dialing license (place having pin code) or phone/electricity (Utilities) charge or AADHAR Card.

This should be"Title of Applicant" only and it shouldn't be established than two months from the date of recording of their e-from having Photograph (latest Passport Size in JPG format), Present Occupation, Email Address of the Applicant, Mobile/Cell Number, Educational eligibility.