The decadent, absolutely rich taste of black truffle salt creates a sensation around the world. Consumed as an upscale food and as a seasoning for countless dishes, this exotic salt is at once delectable and mysterious. Originating from the earth's crustaceous surface, the salty brown powder has been a staple of fine cuisine since at least the 13th century. Rich with minerals like sodium and magnesium, this dark brown powder makes a delectable, pleasant addition to any pantry.

The delectable flavor of this exotic sea salt transcends even the normally most sophisticated palates. Made with a generous helping of Italian black truffle sea salt and a liberal heaving of Italian truffles, this salty treat elevates even simple foods to gastronomic gorgeous masterpieces. To add to the exquisite flavor, it is oftentimes combined with a blend of black pepper and lemon juice or white wine or champagne. Adding a squeeze of lemon gives this food the extra tingle of freshness that enhances the flavor further.

This flavorful treat goes great with a wide range of pasta dishes as well as many other dishes that call for salty treats. One of the easiest and most popular ways to enjoy this salty flavor in a wide array of dishes is to simply sprinkle it over the top during the grilling process. This savory, melt-in-your-mouth treat pairs especially well with fish, poultry, vegetables, soups, stews, and salads. For an even more intense flavor, however, you can actually season the sea salt directly on the food that you are cooking using a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, and kosher salt.

The black truffle salt is made from volcanic pumice, which provides the characteristic black color that makes this salt so sought after. This highly-sought-after salt can be found in numerous department stores and specialty food stores, but it can also be purchased online. The price of this product will vary depending on the amount of black truffle salt that is used in the recipe and the type of flavorings. For instance, the thicker and aged the flavorings in a particular recipe, the more expensive the salt will become.

Salty snacks, including those made with this Italian sea salt, are extremely popular among those watching their waistlines. This salty treat goes great with both spicy and mild Italian dishes and can even be sprinkled over the top of lightly scrambled eggs or sauteed tomatoes. Salty spiced snacks are also perfect for those who love creamy Italian foods like lasagna and pizza. Italian sausage and omelets are two other foods that also would pair well with this salty delight. You can also sprinkle the Italian black summer truffle sea salt over the top of sunny-side-up eggs when scrambling them for a high protein breakfast treat.

This Italian seasoning can also be used to season many seafood and poultry recipes. When using it to season fish, be sure to check the bag or container for the exact amount. Overfilling the bag with too much may prevent the fish from baking properly and this seasoning will lose its flavor. You can save money by only using the amount that is called for in the recipe. This can save you money by allowing you to use truffle salt instead of spending money on expensive gourmet ingredients.

Italian truffle salt is made with a secret blend of crushed truffle, garlic, and oregano herbs for an old-world flavor. When buying this seasoning be sure to choose a blend that is very close to the original. There have been so many fake imitations created over the years that it is hard to tell the real thing from a cheap knockoff. For this reason, it is wise to buy the real thing. When cooking, sprinkle the seasoning over any dish that you want to enhance with the unique flavor of truffle.

Buying gourmet ingredients can be expensive, but if you are able to find them at a lower cost then you will have more money left over for the more important things in life. By using this inexpensive Italian black truffle salt, you will have many uses and enjoy the flavor for a long time. The flavors simply enhance the food you make. When enjoying truffle food, be aware that they are not very sweet, but have a rich, savory, and bitter taste. The salt makes the food much more savory, while the flavor of the truffle adds to the taste.