There are two main types of respirators: disposable respirators with a lower price and those that use more advanced cartridges to filter the air. Air-purifying respirators (also known as APR) are also called reusable respirators. They can be further divided into two types: full-face respirators or half-mask respirators. 

It is crucial to know which type of respirator you should use for the various hazards and circumstances. Disposable masks don't filter air the same way as reusable respirators. Always do your research to determine when a disposable mask is appropriate and when a reusable respirator is. You can also order reusable face covering at

Half-mask and full-face respirators are similar to disposable masks and reusable respirators. In each case, one can be preferred or mandated over another. Half-mask respirators can be used when the eyes are not protected from any vapors or air. Gases that are found in hazardous areas can cause serious damage or irritation to the eyes. 

A full-face respirator is required in these situations. Firefighters are a common use for a full-face respirator. These individuals are always able to get air but use a full-face respirator to shield their eyes from heavy smoke. Painting is a common situation where half-mask respirators can be used. 

Half-mask respirators are often worn by industrial workers who paint products in the manufacturing process. The paint is unlikely to cause eye damage and maybe unnecessary. The problem with using a full-face respirator is that the lens can become scratched, making it harder to see. The mask may also become opaque if it is used in a painting environment.