Discoloration of teeth is a very common phenomenon. This discoloration happens primarily because of the aging process, consumption of colored beverages like red wine, tobacco in any form, tea, coffee, etc. 

There is little doubt that discolored teeth can be a put-off for people who you may meet for the first time. Also, shiny and white teeth are the key to a broad smile. You can also book your teeth whitening treatment online to enhance your smile.



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Let's take a look at some common teeth whitening treatments.

1. Bleaching Gel with Guard Trays

This 'do-it-yourself' treatment is steadily growing in its popularity. All you have to do is fill the mouth trays with the bleaching gel and insert them in your mouth for a stipulated amount of time. 

2. Whitening Strips

These strips are made of plastic and get easily placed in your teeth. Traditionally, whitening strips took as much time as the guard trays. 

3. Whitening Pens

Another popular whitening treatment, 'whitening pens' are easily available in the market. With these pens, you can 'paint' the whitening solution onto your teeth. 

4. Laser Bleaching

Laser bleaching is usually carried out by dental professionals. The treatment employs the use of light to speed up the bleaching process. 

The process of internal bleaching involves placing peroxide gel inside the tooth and sealing it. Over a period of time, the gel can be changed. This technique is a highly advanced dental procedure that can help to make your teeth shiny and bright.