Dogs sleep approximately 14 hours per night, so it is crucial to get your dog a comfortable and functional bed. Memory foam dog beds provide exceptional comfort and support for older dogs, as well as those who are recovering from surgery. Dogs are attracted to their own space and having a bed that suits them will ensure they get the best sleep every night. 

There are many factors to consider when buying a best memory foam dog bed. It is best to get a smaller, more permanent one first, and then purchase a bigger, better one as your dog grows. A memory foam, luxury dog bed should be appropriate for your dog's breed. 

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If your dog or new puppy is a 'chewer' then you are obviously going to buy a chew-resistant bed. As not only is it very costly to keep replacing beds but also it can be dangerous for your dog to ingest the materials that are used to manufacture dog beds. A memory foam dog bed with an anti-bacterial/chewy cover is a great choice. Puppies need the best sleep possible.

If your dog sheds or gets dirty often, a machine-washable cover is a great addition to a memory foam dog bed. The covers for your bed should be removable, washable, and durable. Cool cotton covers are better suited for long-haired dogs. This material will help to prevent them from overheating when they're indoors. Covers made from warmer materials like fleece or suede are better for short-haired dogs.