Childbirth professionals, birthing networks, birth specialists, and natural birth defenders are names used to describe a thriving community that actively supports childbirth as a normal, healthy part of a woman's life cycle.

Using online childbirth education, the ultimate goal of this community is to enable women to make informed decisions about their pregnancy and delivery basedevidence-based opportunities research. You can find information regarding online childbirth education courses visit

online childbirth education course

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The definition of childbirth education can vary, depending on the available educational methods. Although definitions may vary depending on the teacher and/or certification body, they can be simply defined as follows:

Childbirth preparation courses prepare women for pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Using a series of classes, women are trained on anatomy, physiological changes, diet, risks, and benefits of medical interventions, strategies for managing pain, reducing the risk of cesarean section, and breastfeeding.

Some educators also learn to encourage women to recognize and use their innate abilities and intuitions at the time they are born. As part of overall prenatal care, all women in the Expert Group on Prenatal Care are recommended to attend a series of pre-designed labor courses conducted by a certified obstetrician.

These courses can help reduce women's pain and anxiety as they approach birth, make labor more comfortable, and prepare women for what they will experience in labor. A full set of sessions is recommended for women who have never attended.