Autonomy is the trademark of the aircraft cabin feed system. It allows the crew members of the aircraft and passengers to connect their portable devices, including laptops and guarantees the continuous use of devices throughout the flight time. 

The original aircraft cabinet power supply system provides a 15 volt CC output via a specially designed round standalone connector that is usually located under the seat. You can even buy flash programmers for maxim integrated products online

Each CC power output 15V limits production to 75 watts to limit the total power of power in the cab. 

Passengers must have the appropriate empower adapter to power their portable devices on the plane.

The recent development of the autonomous cabin electricity system in the aerospace industry is to deliver the AC voltage via the 3-pin AC outlet under the seat. 

The widely accepted hypothesis is that the maturation of the battery fault protection mechanism of the laptop makes it much safer to tune the power supply to passengers so that they can load and charge their computer battery. notebook on the plane.

In addition, the 75W output limit on the old 15V Empower CC system is obsolete and can not meet the power requirements of high-end laptops. The new AC system has increased the power limit of each exit to 150W.

Conclusion: The autonomous aircraft cab power supply can provide the power that portable devices, including laptops, must operate in flight. 

There is the Empower 15V cc output system and the autonomy CA output system. It is best to check with the airline if the issue of responsibility is available on your headquarters before the flight and that the autonomous adapter you will need to bring to the plane to fully use the offer.