With the emergence of Android app development, one can easily have a powerful platform to develop and release apps. However, this platform is not without its drawbacks. This article will discuss some of the issues that are commonly faced by developers working on android development projects.

When there is a universal platform that works in all the major operating systems, it is easy to access the market place. However, if the same platform does not work for one reason or the other, one will face problems accessing the market place. Read this article to know more about the web & app development.

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This problem is a major issue for apps developed for Android. Since Android devices are not compatible with certain versions of Windows, most of the users do not have access to the Android market.

It is not just about the hardware compatibility but this limitation also affects the use of the APIs offered by the Android OS. Apps that work well on a Windows PC may work at all but the problems arise when such apps get ported to Android. 

Since the platform has no support for graphics programming, most of the developers have had to resort to various third-party tools to create their apps. While this is not a problem for a Windows developer, it can be a disaster for the developers working on Android app development.

With the popularity of smartphones increasing, many applications are being released which run in the background of the phone and this hinders the performance of the device. The result is a lot of battery usage, which in turn results in lower efficiency. 

Android application developers should have knowledge of the phone that they are going to be working on. This helps them to plan the budget of the project properly.