If you've been to the beach lately, you've seen the trend of swimwear getting less and less. I mean, less swimwear and more skin. This is more of a trend than a swimsuit trend.

But while most of the women out there are buying swimsuits that look more like provocative lingerie more than something you can actually swim, modest swimwear is becoming increasingly popular. You can also navigate to this site to look for the best modest swimwear online.

Individual swimwear, tankinis, beach, and full-coverage top and bottom bikinis provide an incentive to compete with riskier swimwear. Here are the reasons women love simple swimwear:

1. Confusion. Not everyone has this model body on the cover of a magazine. Not everyone has the ability to clean airborne defects when walking on the beach.

Most of us, women, are aware of parts of our bodies – be they scars, excess fat, cottage cheese, or ugly moles or birthmarks. Simple swimwear gives us the ability to hide parts of the body that we don't want to show the world.

2. Functions. Whether you're swimming in the pool, playing with the waves, or cooking on the waterslide, safety is good knowing your clothes won't get torn. Some of these smaller bikinis can be pushed aside or removed completely with a little pressure.

3. Objectification. Who likes to walk around like a piece of meat? Some women actually love to go to the beach to enjoy the beach – instead of a bunch of male eyes holding our every move. A simple swimsuit can make us human again, not just an object that leaves something to be desired.