For any woman, wearing comfortable underwear is a must. You may be wearing your best clothes outside but until you feel comfortable inside, you will never feel comfortable.

This is because of the simple fact that lingerie is one of those things that shows you the right shapes and sizes on the inside because of the clothes above that look so well-fitting. This is a “basic” fact and all women know it.

There is an old myth that a woman should only wear a set of maternity panties that should be worn on all occasions. The way you carry yourself and your clothes stems from the fact of how well your underwear fits. This means that the underwear you wear to the gym, office, parties and for special purposes should all be different. Most people think this only applies to bras but it also applies to women’s underwear as well.

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First of all, the materials that are worn in different places should be different. For gym purposes, underwear needs cotton to absorb excess sweat easily. It should also be tight so that you feel comfortable during exercise. For office purposes, they can be quite tight and preferably cotton so that your pants or skirts will look nice on them.

Quality cotton keeps you cool all day long too. For parties and private use, silk or nylon panties are best for that rich look and feel. Ladies prefer to wear silk underwear that matches the color of the dress, especially for private use.

Speaking of colors, white and cream are the only colors that are not preferred by any type of women’s underwear for fear of staining easily. Otherwise, women’s underwear can be found in all kinds of colors these days to match your dress. For everyday use, ladies prefer to wear darker shades such as BrownFree Web Content, black or red.