T-shirt printing – things to consider first and foremost. These inexpensive tips are easy to follow, easy to implement, and will give you a lot of excitement the next time you put on a personalized shirt.

It is important to keep this in mind when deciding to print a design on a shirt. A hoodie as a summer gift may not be accepted as a slouchy t-shirt. 

Why would you want to print your own shirt?

This is an important question because it brings us to the purpose of the shirt, the material it is made of, and whether it is a leotard or hood for winter wear, or a sleeveless t-shirt or neckline shirt for a summer event.

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Example:-  Let's imagine you're planning a Saturday night with the boys soon. This is all for the groom as it is his big day with the boys. A group of friends decided it was about the groom's soccer team.

The solution is that everyone wears custom t-shirts printed with characters from futurist idols with a twist. Each player is created as a cartoon character instead of using the player's image. It can be a great party with a larger shirt. Have a graphic designer do some character sketches for the whole party.

Tip 2: Which image size is best for printing?

Most people who decided to print their t-shirts don't have the right photo size, to begin with. Most people take free pictures from Google or Facebook. While these graphics look great on small screens, they are rarely the right size for printing on very large surfaces such as shirts or sweaters.