Get a Great Looking Tan With Airbrush Tanning

Some of us have time to be out in the sun long enough to get a nice tan. Some apps are also "endowed" with skin that just wants a tan no matter what we do. If any of the above appeals to you, then an airbrush tan might be what you're looking for. Spray Tanning RI is a great way to get natural, healthy skin in no time, and it's safe and affordable while making your friends ask where you went on vacation. 

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How long does an airbrush tan last? 

It depends on several factors, firstly what activity you do and secondly your skin type. The skin does not fade but fades faster if you do a lot of physical activity. In general, the skin lasts about 5-10 days but can last almost indefinitely with proper care. Daily use with DHA and Erythrologie ensures that your skin always looks good and healthy. 

Why use an airbrush tanner instead of lotions and creams? 

With lotions and creams, it is difficult to cover all areas evenly, even with the help of friends. Airbrushing gives you a much better permanent result and a smoother look. You cannot achieve this natural look with cream. 

What other advantages does an airbrush have? 

For fair-skinned people, an airbrush tan can finally give them the beautiful glowing skin they've always wanted. UV rays from the sun and in the solarium are unhealthy and dry out the skin. Too much chocolate makes the skin look old and wrinkled, even rough. Just one airbrush session is equivalent to 6 tanning sessions or hours in the sun.