Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Dinghy the First Time

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Dinghies have been common among recreational boaters. While experienced boaters know their things, choosing the best one for newbies can be a challenge. Are you aware of the difference between fibreglass and inflatable boats? Read the article to know important factors that will help you find the right dinghy.

  • Load Carrying Capacity: It is a remarkable advantage of an expensive yet rigid inflatable dinghy. An inflatable tube adds to the floatation and stability of the boat. If you want to enjoy boating with your family and friends, an inflatable would be a good choice that helps transport heavy loads with stability.
  • Price: Fiberglass boats are affordable. That’s because the cost of material used as well as manufacturing is less. Its repairs are also less expensive and easy than inflatable boats.
  • Performance and Speed: This is a difficult factor to analyse. A fibreglass dinghy comes with less friction coefficient and it is light in weight. So, it will perform with faster speed as well as higher fuel efficiency. And you can buy and attach a motor to get the desired boat speed, and you will cut down the extra fuel cost and time spent in transit.
  • Cooling Factor: Boating is challenging, exciting, and fun. Being a functional requirement for your adventures, a dinghy is a great option to enjoy rides on the water. It is also a good choice to get your family and friends on the yacht. The ways are limitless to customize an inflatable which is simply not a choice for fibreglass. If you are looking for a dinghy to fulfil your special needs, RIB (rigid inflatable boat) is the way to go.

Whatever type you choose, always buy high-quality Australian made aluminium boats to avoid any problems in the long run.