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If you go to an antique furniture store to purchase antique furniture you'll see that among the most sought-after furniture pieces consist of formal, antique tables. Everyone needs one of them…that's the reason why dining tables are one of the most sought-after pieces of furniture from the past.

The purchase of an antique dining table can be complex, as the prices and quality can vary widely. The main factors that affect pricing are the originality of the table, its width, length as well as the quality of the wood, and the color.

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The older the dining table was made the better its quality and the better the material utilized. Tables with all the original leaves are extremely uncommon and much more important than tables that have new leaves.

The most costly dining tables originate from the mid-eighteenth century through the first quarter of the nineteenth century. They are a range of lengths between two and four pedestals, and typically have a rectangular form. They serve as support for the addition of leaves. They also determine how many leaves may be added.

The more pedestals that a table has the more pedestals it has, the greater its length, and consequently more attractive the table. Another crucial aspect in making an elegant dining table of this period highly desirable and expensive in terms of quality is the type of wood employed and also the table's use. 

Additional pedestals can increase the length to up to twenty feet. Most tables are constructed from mahogany wood, which is robust, sturdy, and attractive wood.