Improve Your Calf Health: Focus On Key Areas

To ensure healthy calves, the aim is to reduce disease exposure in calves and improve disease protection. In order to minimize the calf's exposure to disease, ensuring a clean and harmless environment is essential.

Here are some secrets to helping your calves develop:

Supporting Early Wellbeing: Feeding plays an important role in the early health of the calf. Supplements help your calves feel and perform the best they can.  You can get more information about calf health via the web.

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Dried maternal colostrum may also help promote the intestinal health of the calves in the early stages of life. Some dietary supplements can contain dry colostrum along with other valuable ingredients.

It has been shown that daily intake of maternal colostrum improves the health and resilience of the digestive tract, leading to optimal calf growth and general well-being. 

Colostrum supplements offer more of the substances that are important for cancer – immunoglobulins and immune-boosting molecules, as well as vitamins, minerals, growth hormones, and factors.

Keep feeding gear clean: Sanitation and care of feeding equipment will also be crucial to your own calf's health. If not frequently washed and sanitized, gear can become a haven for germs.

Cleaning tips:

-Wash buckets, bottles, and nipples with warm soapy water and wash thoroughly after eating

– Disinfection with an approved disinfectant before use. For example, chlorine dioxide is an effective disinfectant in minimal concentrations.

-Provide Appropriate housing